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Cynthia Bachman Brown is an exceptional makeup artist who has decades of experience working as a makeup department head for some of the top studios in Hollywood; NBC, CBS, Warner Bros, Paramount and Sony.

She’s not only known for her artistic talent. Production appreciates her team spirit, and excellent communication skills. She’s known for her consistent punctuality and quick efficiency; always delivering talent on time while keeping her department under budget.

From long-running prime-time sitcoms like Suddenly Susan, Will & Grace, and Girlfriends, to gorgeous editorial print work, add award-winning music videos and commercials, and even a little prosthetic work at Stan Winston's studio for "Jurassic Park"; Cynthia’s resume shows a uniquely well-rounded large body of work.

Growing up with a successful animator/artist as a father was certainly serendipitous. Spending most of her childhood in her father's studio, Cynthia learned a lot about the use of light and shadow to alter perspective and shapes and a keen sense of color that would later prove to be essential tools for her success as a makeup artist.

Brooke Shields retained Cynthia as her personal makeup artist for over a decade, this included all four seasons (93 episodes) of her hit show "Suddenly Susan”.  As “Suddenly Susan” was ending, Debra Messing requested Cynthia as her personal artist for "Will and Grace". Cynthia was responsible for designing Grace's signature makeup look on the show. Cynthia also performed makeup artistry for both Brooke and Debra’s print work, commercials, stunning red carpet looks and personal appearances as well.

Cynthia has been interviewed and quoted in many magazines over the years; she even had a cameo on the front page of the New York Times Entertainment section once. Cynthia enjoys making guest appearances as a Celebrity Makeup Artist, performing on-camera makeovers and/or speaking about makeup looks and how to achieve them. She has appeared on many talk shows including; TV Candy, Extreme Makeover, The Other Half, Mars Venus, Second Look, Life Moments and Soap Net. She also appeared as herself on Kathy Griffin’s The D List, season one.

What’s she up to now? After an extended hiatus to concentrate on family, Cynthia is excited to be back in action and working on a great new show called “Superior Donuts”. It has a wonderful cast and superb writers. Check it out on CBS, Monday nights, 9PM.